Great Martial Arts Classes

 Great Martial Arts Classes

air genasi monk

The Air Genasi is airway species found exclusively in the Warcraft games. They are the weakest air creature in the game, only being able to move faster than creatures that have full ability. These weak creatures only attack other air creatures and never other animals. For this reason, many players consider them a low priority during the battle.

Unlike the other air creatures, the air genasi has no unarmored defense mechanism. It cannot fly, and its heavy armor means it is slow and cannot charge. However, it does have a powerful offense. Because of this, even a low-level warrior can bring it down easily if they are well-equipped.

air genasi monk

The air monk’s primary weapon is the staff, a mace-like weapon that deals extra damage on a critical hit. This weapon can be augmented, giving it additional abilities and spells. Monks can learn one to two new spells every time they level up. They can also purchase one or more staffs that can be added to their existing ones. These additional staffs do not necessarily deal more damage, but they do make their attacks more powerful.

Every fighter class can equip themselves with some sort of unarmed strike. Unfortunately, the monk is the only class that can use them without having to take a martial arts class. Instead, they can make use of unarmed strikes as a form of attack instead. This allows them to deal out quick damage and disable their opponents with their finesse. When using an unarmed strike to strike, it counts as a normal attack for that class and therefore has the same chance to critically hit as any other attack made by that class.

When starting a game at level 10, you have the option of selecting three different paths for your character. Your first choice is to focus on air Genasi, including the ability score improvement tree. You gain access to the gale spirits ability which allows you to breathe in and out. With this ability, breathing consumes less air and lowers the armor class of your enemies. With this ability, you can remain hidden and surprise your opponents.

The second choice is to choose air as your primary class. Just like other classes, you gain access to the fist of four thunders abilities, a magical attack that delivers a powerful blow. This attack makes it easier for you to stun your opponents. Air genasi also have an extra attack, a slam attack that deals extra damage and causes the opponents to suffer a reduction in armor class.

The final choice of path is the path of the wise teacher. With this choice, you learn the ways of meditation and the discipline of the huge fu. Air genasi who complete this path are able to cast spells that significantly improve your characters statistics, while increasing your monk’s skill points by several and also increasing the capability score of your strikes by one.

Regardless of your decision regarding your first two choices, you will choose a different path when choosing the way of the wisps. This decision is based upon the choice of monk race. Air Genasi is known for their purity, so you should avoid the taint of evil while embracing the ways of the monk. Water resistant and able to wear light armor, air genasi are perfect for those who favor stealth and who wish to rely on their keen intelligence and disciplined skills to defeat their opponents. While the water-resistant air Genasi is a good beginning character for a new player, water resistant genes are not very popular among tournament players, so be careful how much you rely on your ability to Dodge attacks.

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