Facts on the Worldouched and the Fire Genasi

 Facts on the Worldouched and the Fire Genasi

fire genasi

The graceful, elegant genasi are an interesting mix of cat, human and leopard. They have gorgeous looks, a long tail and wonderful almond shaped eyes. Their lustrous coat keeps warm on cold nights and is easy to groom. All are free spirits and independent, intelligent and very protective of those they consider dear.


Genasi were generally considered benevolent in the far reaches of their pre-planes existence on earth. On astral planes they were powerful beings who could shape shift and manipulate others to serve them. When the planes were closed not even the genasi’s leaders knew how they would fare against their fellow planes. As time passed more of the genasi’s population began to know of their potential and were able to shape shift. Some of the first planes that showed them the way were Azeroth and Sulem. Traveling into these planes was not without risk but the proud and powerful did make it.

Not all genasi were born with this ability though. The arathi were among the very few to learn this skill from the outset. Arathi were the first to use this magical ability and to practice it to perfection on the elemental planes. Those who resisted were hunted down and destroyed or put to slavery. Those who fell to the genasi slavery often were not given a second chance.

The arathi learned quickly that the most powerful creatures to master on the elemental planes were those with elemental power of their own. The elements were not willing to allow others to take their places. Once they were put to slavery genasi were not allowed to rise to the position of lord or archmage. But they could still be powerful wizards for they mastered the skill of illusion.

Many years later the Silvermoon came into contact with the planetouched. They became allies and worked side by side. Their alliance led to the founding of Silvermoon City on Argus. When the plane touched died the whole planet was trapped inside the Bahmi Chain. The fel orcs and the genasi survived the plane touched demise but the fel orcs corrupted the genasi.

When the orcs were conquered and scattered throughout the world, the two genasi tribes decided that they would never let their differences lead them to destruction. They made an agreement that they would work together against their common enemy, the mortal. The two races even started fighting against each other when the elder genasi died. But they were so similar in both race and essence that they were able to defeat the mortals easily. In the end the mortal race was destroyed and the elemental spirits were scattered all across the world.

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