Tips to overcome quarantine in couples at a distance

 Tips to overcome quarantine in couples at a distance

Love in times of quarantine for long-distance relationships can hurt, but if we are able to take control of our relationship, it is also a great opportunity to strengthen the couple and escape from the routine.

The confinement and the harsh mobility restrictions caused by the pandemic caused many couples to stop having physical contact overnight. This uncertainty and the passing of days caused many couples to be affected.

The fear of infidelity, the use of websites like ashika soni escort Bangalore or the fear of getting infected is an explosive pack that can end any couple.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning, this situation can also be used to strengthen the bonds of the couple and experience new ways of relating at a distance.

Here are some tips to help you get through the quarantine and rekindle the fire between you.

keep up the dialogue

Maintaining the dialogue is essential. If we have a long-distance relationship, listening to each other and getting to know each other better will help us have deeper conversations and strengthen the bond between the couple. Sometimes calling by phone is not enough, but technology gives us the opportunity to make video calls or send voice audios during the day to keep in touch.

Establish schedules and routines

The whirlwind of everyday life can make it difficult to find a free moment to communicate. But it is important to get involved and commit to find a routine that is convenient for both of us and always keep in touch at certain times of the day.

 virtual sex

If there is love and trust in the couple, the absence of physical sex between the couple is no longer an excuse for the relationship to cool down. There is no reason to resort to satisfying our desires. Getting ready and having a virtual date with our partner via video call will help us keep the flame alive. Bangalore escorts have increased a lot during this pandemic period to meet the needs. But we can also do it with our partners.

For these meetings, we can buy erotic toys such as the Klic Klic, vibrators for each one that are simultaneously connected via the internet and that allow you to share sensations with your partner; the Fund wear, based on underwear with vibration sensors that can be connected to the smartphone; or Bliss, an application that transforms sex into a game with challenges and questions to play from a distance.

 couple leisure

If you share the same tastes with your partner, you can agree on certain times of the day to watch your favorite series at the same time and comment in real-time by video call, cook together, listen to music or even take a relaxing bath while you share how the day went.

 Keep other social relationships active

It is important that in our day to day we can interact with other people such as friends and family. We do not have to make the mistake of being at home all day to connect with our partners.

It is essential to share our emotions and talk about our experiences in order to feel less alone and more understood.


Trust is essential to make the relationship work. The absence of news from our Chennai escorts service partner, thinking about who he is spending time with when he is not connected, can feed our doubts. If we are able to maintain trust in both directions, the distance will end up being a fleeting period of time.

It is inevitable to suffer if we have had to be separated during the quarantine, but these ideas can make these weeks that we still have a little more bearable.

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