5 Must-see Tourist Places in Dubai to Visit in 2022

 5 Must-see Tourist Places in Dubai to Visit in 2022

Among all the wonders of the world and the place beauty of the world, maximum is situated in Dubai. This can also be stated as the primary reason why tourists mainly prefer Dubai as their holiday destination. The essence of the beautiful experience that you get while being here is just unexplainable.  Dubai’s tourist places never go offseason as they always have their best sides to show out in every season.

Here in this blog, we will list the five best tourist places in Dubai that you must include in your Dubai tour packages. These best-picked places of Dubai are the ones which you will love to explore. Also, you will get several activities to perform in Dubai.

5 Tourist Places in Dubai

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Best Tourist place in Dubai IMG Adventure World

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the most advanced park in the entire Dubai. This is an indoor theme park that consists of the most advanced and adventurous rides. The best thing about this intelligent park is the Velociraptor, the highest roller coaster in the entire world. Apart from this, make sure to visit the place with ample time to explore it to the fullest. Also, along with the roller coaster, there are several other rides you must try in this fantastic park.

Things to do:

  • Ride in the tallest roller coaster in the world, Velociraptor. Dine the best and the traditional cuisine of Dubai.
  • Shop from the retail shops in the park.
  • Play the fun indoor game available in the park.

2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa holds several world records including the tallest building in the whole world. It also has the fastest lifts in the world. You can view the beautiful sunset and the entire city from the 125th-floor observation deck.

The 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa is well known for sunset sightseeing. It is also the most famous sightseeing spot in Dubai. This tourist place in Dubai is the major attraction of tourism. Also, make sure to visit the site during the evening and book your tickets in advance.

Things to do:

  • Ride the fastest lift in the world.
  • Witness the beautiful sightseeing from the 124th floor of the building.
  • Explore the beautiful fountains and the swimming pools in the building.
  • Dine at the sumptuous cuisine of Burj Khalifa.

3. Mall Of Emirates and Ski Dubai

Dubai Emirates Mall

Among the several shopping options available in Dubai, the best one is the Mall of Emirates. The place is packed with more than 500 retailers with a variety of shopping options available. This mall is not only the place to shop but also to get involved in several recreational activities. The major adventurous activities that you can join here are skiing and a tour around the glass aquarium. Also, the tip for you to visit the place is warm gear and all the required equipment for skiing.

Things to do:

  • Shop the best accessories from the best retailers in the mall.
  • Go for skiing in the Ski Dubai that is situated at the base of the mall.
  • Go for a tour around the glass aquarium.

4. Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountains

The fountains and the fountain show in Dubai are famous in the whole world for their dazzling beauty. These beautiful fountains are situated in front of the Dubai Mall and at the Burj Khalifa base.  These fountains seem like the dance performed by the water in a constant tune. Beautiful lights with dazzled colouring accompany these water fountains. The best time to visit these fountains in  Dubai will be during the evening time.

Things to do:

  • Witness the most beautiful water fountain shows in front of the  Dubai Mall.
  • Click some marvelous pictures in front of these fountains.
  • Observe the best views accompanied by the sunset.

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5. Dubai Marina and JBR Tourist Place

Dubai Marina

Enjoy the most luxurious weekend in the most beautiful Jumeirah Beach and the Dubai Marina. This is one of the best tourist places in Dubai for a relaxing weekend. You can go to the best bars, hotels, and restaurants in the area. Also, if you are on the trip with your family and kids, make sure to take them to the beautiful play area designed for the kids.

Things to do:

Relax in the spas and the bars of the Jumeirah Beach

Enjoy walking on the bank of the beautiful Jumeirah Beach. Dine-in luxurious restaurants.

Get your paintings painted by talented street painters.

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Takeaway of Tourist Places in Dubai

Therefore, more than dozens of mesmerizing tourist places in Dubai to explore along with these five places. The beautiful sightseeing spots, adventurous spots, and many other activities altogether make Dubai a suitable tourist place. So, to make your tour memorable, you can also avail a trip to Dubai and get mesmerized by the beauty over here.

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