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D&D Special Games

The Water Genasi Monastery

Vela, Water Genasi Monk, is considered by many to be the most powerful of all the Earthlings on Elsweyr. Born in Shaeroth, she was trained by elders who realised that her talent for meditation could actually be put to good use in the battle against dragons. When her homeland was invaded by the Storm Clan, […]Read More

D&D Special Games

How to Tank Your Spirit Guardians in 5e

Spirit guardians are entities which protect and guard the user of the spirit world. A spirit guardian is a pure spirit form emanating from the spirit world. They are often called angels or archangels as they work closely with the archangel Michael. There are many different types of spirit guardians and they serve different purposes […]Read More

D&D Special Games

Seven Simple H Hex 5e to Learn in First Level

Hex 5e is an exceptionally prevalent spell in the World of Dnd. Several online sites have been set up to help familiarize new players with the nuances of the various hexes (and advanced) that can be used for everyday purposes. Some sites offer comprehensive instructions in detail, while others provide simplified versions for elemental spells […]Read More

Food Health Lifestyle

13 Best Superfood Powder in the Market

Moringa is a plant that many individuals around the world have used for its medicinal properties. Its native country is Morocco. This plant is considered an adaptogenic herb, which means it is suitable for lactose intolerant or dairy intolerance. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cholesterol-lowering properties. You can find Moringa in different parts of the […]Read More